International Metaphysical University

The International Metaphysical University (IMU) was created in 2010 as a teaching and Ordination arm of the International Metaphysical Churches. IMU has grown to include a Masters degree in Metaphysics that includes areas of focus in Consciousness Studies, Intuitive Arts, Energy Healing, Shamanism, and Metaphysical Entrepreneurship Studies. Each of these focuses explores a different aspect of consciousness revered in Metaphysical study.

To earn a degree at IMU, students must complete a rigorous study that includes 12 courses, each of which takes up to 12 weeks each. It is a fully-integrated online college, allowing students from all over the world to study metaphysical principles. Each of the courses is presented just like a traditional online college including teachings (audio and video recordings), assignments, testing, interaction with students and teachers, and more. We personally believe that we are the premier metaphysical university in the world.

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