Become Ordained

Ordination is available through the International Metaphysical Churches through two different programs: the Metaphysical Minister of Light Ordination Program and the Independent Spiritualist Minister Ordination program. 

Both programs are available through the International Metaphysical University, cover a variety of spiritual topics and are designed as solid training in metaphysical principles or independent spiritualism that lead to spiritual awakening and growth.  Prospective ministers learn about how to perform the various ceremonies associated with this new role in society, and upon completion of the Ordination training, those who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of ordination that recognizes them in their new role.

Those who are particularly devoted to the process are highly encouraged to also take the course, “Principles of Metaphysics” to learn the Hermetic Philosophies in-depth which are the of the Metaphysical teachings.

Both courses are available at

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