The International Metaphysical Churches began in Vienna, WV in 2003. We were originally called The Self-Health and Awareness Center in deference the somewhat inherent prejudice of the community in which it was created and because so many members our our community are uncomfortable with the largely Christian terminology of “Church.” More and more people in our community refer to their places of gathering and worship as Centers in reference to the community they create.

Like the Native American tradition, however, we believe that the place of gathering is irrelevant. It is within us and travels within us wherever we go. Ceremonies can take place at a commerical location (often the least desirable), in your home, at sacred sites, in nature, or in the recesses of your own mind. A church is as much a state of mind as it is a location and at UMC, we honor that.
IMC was originally founded by Reverends Deborah Lindsey and Joseph Fielder. Within a short time, Reverend Randall Hastings joined the team and regular weekly ceremonies commenced. For the next 8 years, the Center offered weekly ceremonies. They also grew to include spiritual healing services and regular training. The trainings included Holistic Healing, Spiritual Development, Psychic Development, Shamanic teachings, Galactic teachings (UFOs) and more.

In 2009, SHAC (IMC) grew to include an international teaching division called “The International Metaphyiscal University.” The University has since grown to offer Master’s and Doctorate degrees in different aspects of Metaphysics including Consciousness Studies, Intuitive Arts, Energy Healing, and Shamanic Studies. To learn more about IMU, visit the website at

Our Creed

The International Metaphysical Churches was first firmed in the state of West Virginia, USA.

  • We believe in Source Energy.
  • Source Energy is impersonal and all loving.
  • Source Energy is conscious and is the essence of all living things.
  • Source Energy expresses itself as vibration and light. This is the nature of our reality, which is ultimately an illusion.
  • The resistance to what is, is the cause of all suffering. The release of resistance results in joy and ultimately ascension.
  • Humans are Source Energy manifested into physical form.
  • As Source Energy, humans are creators, imbued with the sacred power of choice.
  • We are All One experiencing ourselves as individuals.
  • Source Energy cannot be destroyed and therefore we are immortal.
  • Everything in the universe is unfolding according to a divine plan even when we can’t see it.

Our Book - The Kybalion

While we believe that truth can be found in all books and support everyone in following their own sacred texts, at the International Metaphysical Churches our primary teachings can be found in a book called “The Kybalion.” This sacred book was written anonymously in 1908 and contains within it the Seven Sacred Principles which form the foundation of our beliefs. These principles can be found in all sacred texts but we believe are most clearly presented in the Kybalion.

The Kybalion follows the teachings of the “Thrice Great” Master Hermes Trismegistus who was thought to be the teacher of Abraham. His influence can be found in the Greek tradition where he was deified and throughout the Bible.

The Seven Principles

These seven principles are taught at length in the class, Principles of Metaphysics  which is a requirement for all graduates of IMU and highly recommended for students in the Ordination program.

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