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International Metaphysical Churches

People everywhere are seeking true connection to the unseen world. At the International Metaphysical Churches we offer an alternative to the traditional mainstream beliefs – an alternative that allows for YOU in the equation. At IMC, you are given the freedom to explore what YOU believe and yet we offer a framework to help guide you along the way.

At IMC, we explore psychic phenomena including mediumship, meditation, the presence of non-humans or other energies, and a wide variety of explorations into consciousness. We believe that all of these are worthy of exploration yet make no claims as to what is true or not true. We only know that people throughout history have reported psychic experiences that can be described as interactions with the divine. This can also be found in the form of shamanic journeying as found in the Native American Tradition (Hedonism) and through spiritual healing.

What is Metaphysics?

Quite simply, Metaphysics is the exploration of things not yet understood or explained by physics. Technically it is “beyond physics” or “beyond the physical.” This can in some ways apply to all belief systems. Many of our followers are also entrenched in the Christian, Buddhists, Pagan, Wicca, Spiritualists, Native American, or Hindu traditions and yet they integrate the metaphysical beliefs WITHIN these traditions.

This is easy to do because we hold no judgement of other traditions, understanding that truth can be found in all beliefs and that each person must find their own path back to the divine. In fact, many metaphysical churches are considered Christian and actually teach from the Bible. This is much like the Spiritualists tradition.

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